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A Jon Cross custom snare is handmade from exotic hardwood in either a segment or stave design, for a segment shell the blocks are marked out and numbered which after being cut are glued back in sequence as they were to return the grain to it's original pattern, this technique shows up particularly well on snare drum  #9040.

For a stave design the blocks are laid out and matched according to grain and color to give a uniform appearance, then cut to size with the required angles before being glued together.

The rough shells are machined to a standard thickness of 3/8" along with a dual 45 degree or inner 45 / outer roundover bearing edge, other specifications are available if required, the shells are finished in clear polyurethane with the option of satin or gloss. 

Birdseye Maple board marked out, numbered and ready to be cut.

50 blocks are required for this 14" x 7" snare, they are cut oversize in height with an 18 degree angle on both ends.

10 blocks are needed to make up one segment section which are then glued and clamped.

The five sections are sanded to the correct height which also gives a perfectly flat surface on both sides.

All five sections are now glued and clamped to make up the rough shell.

The outer shell is now turned and machined by a router on a rail system in the rig.

The shell is now in it's own jig and fitted into the rig to have the inner shell machined.

After machining, the shell is ready for sanding and having the bearing edges and snare beds cut into the shell.

Polyurethane is applied which after the final coat is cut and polished to a mirror finish.

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