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The kits in the showroom were all built to order, these customers had their own vision of what they wanted but was not available from the mass-produced companies, I worked with them at every stage of the build to create their dream with exact detail and specifications, your choice of exotic wood is where we start and samples are available if required, shell sizes are next ranging from a 10" tom up to a 24" kick and the type of construction, be it segment or stave, maybe both designs in the same shell, one wood species or a multiple combination with pinstripes, the possibilities are endless, once the shells are machined and have the preferred bearing edges cut, it's down to the choice of a satin or gloss polyurethane finish followed by the hardware. 

If you're looking to move up from the standard ply shells used by most production companies to an exotic solid wood snare or kit, a beautiful instrument that will have it's own personality in terms of tonal qualities and also the fact that it will be a custom designer drum with it's own identity as the only one in the world,,, you're in the right place.     

Tiger Maple boards which will be marked out and numbered before being cut into the appropriate size blocks for each shell.

268 maple blocks which will make up the kick and 4 toms for the segment/stave shells

Another 80 blocks are needed for the snare and kick hoops for this 6 piece kit.

The kick and toms are glued up and are ready to be machined

Machined, sanded and ready for the polyurethane

After the final coats are applied, the polyurethane is wet sanded, cut and polished to a high gloss finish

A beautiful handmade kit from JCCD

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