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custom drum company uk

Being a drummer and a woodworker I became very interested in the idea of building a snare drum, and equally interested in the construction of segment and stave drumshells, so began hours and hours over the next couple of years with experiments of trial and error to see what worked,, and of course,,, what didn't,,, a lot of time was also dedicated to learning the mathematics of different size shells in both types of construction and also wood hoops, creating jigs were also interesting projects and neccessary for the glueing and machining process, finally the finishing, a whole new world to me but again with trial, error and hard work it came together.

Hollywood Drum Show 2009 was the debut with my new venture which consisted of a Purpleheart kit and a few snare drums, it was a great weekend where i made new friends and got aquainted with the drumbuilding world, the following year I teamed up with friends from a new cymbal company and exhibited at NAMM in Anaheim, The Chicago Drum Show and Pasic in Indianapolis.

2011 was time for me to go out under my own name and I started doing business as Jon Cross Custom Drums in September, I have continued to create and develop new idea's and techniques in the segment and stave design, and I love to capture people's attention with the detail that goes into the ultimate handmade drums, if you want a one of a kind that's an extra special drum,,, it's here.

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